Ocean Station Network

The Marine ICOS observation network are based on Voluntary Observing Ships (VOS), Fixed Ocean Stations (FOS), Repeat Ocean Sections (ROS), Marine Flux Towers (MFT). Experimental versions of this network have been tested during the EU-funded CARBOOCEAN project and FixO3.

Marine ICOS provides the coordination and support required to expand and maintain the network at the required level in the long-term. This requires the liaison of the different national groups within marine ICOS and work with the shipping industry to identify and agree access to ships and routes. The support of the shipping industry is a major factor in this work as they supply ship time worth many millions of euros if the work had to be done by research ships. Effective knowledge exchange with the shipping industry is achieved through the ICOS Ocean Thematic Centre.

The marine ICOS (ocean MSA) observational network currently builds on the lines and stations in the table below. The latest updates to this table, as well as more information on each line and stations, can be found at the Carbon Portals Station Labelling page.  OTC encourage other station owners and PIs to join marine ICOS. Information on how to become a member can be found here.


Platform Name

Platform Type

Principal Investigator(s)


France-Brazil Voluntary Observing Ship VOS Nathalie Lefèvre France
Nuka Arctica VOS Are Olsen Norway
G.O. Sars VOS Ingunn Skjelvan Norway
Simon Stevin VOS Thanos Gkritzalis Belgium
North Atlantic Voluntary Observing Ship VOS Arne Körtzinger; Tobias Steinhoff Germany
E2M3A FOS Vanessa Cardin Italy
Hausgarten FOS Thomas Soltwedel Germany
Miramare FOS Michele Giani Italy
North Sea Data and Monitoring Time Series Station FOS Thanos Gkritzalis Belgium
Piattaforma Avanzata LabOratorio Mare Adriatico FOS Anna Luchetta Italy
Western 1 Mediterranean Moored Multi-sensor Array  FOS Roberto Bozzano Italy
Östergarnsholm FOS Anna Rutgersson Sweden
Cape Verde Ocean Observatory FOS Arne Körtzinger; Björn Fiedler; Johannes Karstensen; Tobias Steinhoff Germany
Porcupine Abyssal Plain FOS Susan Hartman UK
UK Caribbean VOS Andy Watson; Ute Schuster UK
Belgica VOS Lieven Naudts Belgium
Lance VOS Agneta Fransson Norway
Polarstern VOS Mario Hoppema; Steven van Heuven Germany


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Last updated: 21.03.2017