Order reference gases

To ensure compatibility of of the ICOS observations with data from other global monitoring networks, the measurements need to be traceable to the respective WMO calibration scales. The CAL is responsible for providing real air reference gas standards for ICOS atmospheric observations. Calibration is done using a set of WMO laboratory standards


1. Contact the CAL lab in advance

Please notify the CAL lab via icos-standards@bgc-jena.mpg.de (cc to otc-refgases@icos-ri.eu) at least two months in advance if you want to order reference gas standards. Please note that the bottles are for the Ocean network.

Keep in mind that the bottles that are in use need to be sent back with at least 10 bar, so prepare the gas order in advance.

2. Provide requested composition list

 For submitting the list of requested mole fractions, please use the following Excel template: Order form -reference gases.

3. Bottles will be sent to you

Once the gases are prepared and calibrated the gas bottles will be sent to the address you specified in the ordering form. The paper work for transportation of dangerous goods will be prepared by the CAL lab.

Infomation the shipper needs:
UN number: 1002
Label: 2.2
Name: air, compressed
transport category: 3
Tunnel code: (E)

3 bottles are packed on a palette: 120 x 80 x 35 cm, weight ca. 150 kg.

bottles on palette

The shipping of the bottles is organized by each station.

4. Send empty bottles back

Once the bottles are exchanged, please send the bottles back. Make sure the bottles have at least 10 bar.

The shipping of the bottles is organized by each station.

    The calibrated values will be sent to you and posted below.


Calibration results

Bottle ID calibration results
D895456 data
D895457 data
D895458 data
D928584 data
D928585 data
D928586 data
D928587 data
D928588 data
D928589 data
D928590 data
D928591 data
D928592 data
D928593 data
D928594 data
D928595 data
D928596 data
D928597 data
D928598 data
D928599 data
D928600 data
D928601 data
D928602 data
D928603 data